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Are you VAT registered?

If so, not ONLY could you benefit from the fact we are 20% cheaper than our competitors, but as we have 'Opted to tax' through the HMRC, our prices include VAT so you can save a further 20% if you can claim back VAT. This could be an overall saving of 40% compared to our competitors' prices that don't include VAT as normally self storage is VAT exempt.

Apart from the financial benefits, you may think about using our service for these reasons:

  • Storing equipment or stock
  • Archiving
  • Moving offices
  • Downsizing
  • Looking for flexible office space
  • Looking for large, bespoke space
  • Inventory getting in the way - put it in storage until it is needed
  • Office furniture - store it until you need it
  • Plant and equipment lying around - keep it in storage until required
  • Distribution point - 24 hour access 7 days a week
  • Working at home - reclaim your space
  • Free up valuable office space - store files, archives & records

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