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Independent Insurance for Self Storage

Park Insurance


Michelle Sims

Park Insurance Services

Direct Line: 0117 955 6835


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Insurance through household Insurance Policies

Please find a list of insurance companies which if you already have household insurance may cover you for self storage, please contact them direct as you may have to pay a premium.

Cornish Mutual


Barclays - You can add an extra clause, would need to be an existing customer with a contents insurance policy

Mid Cornwall Brokers - As they are a Broker you will need to check your Household underwritters will cover you.

Direct Line - Will cover for up to six months but not for fire or theft following forceful entry (so not much good as these would be the main things you would need cover for)

Aviva - Up to 30 days whilst moving between houses, and 7 days in self storage. No option to extend this.

HSBC - Will do it, fixed fee of £20 a month, on top of normal contents policy, no time limit

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